King Size Mattress and With Price Guide

          Do You Know King Size Mattress Prices?

King size mattress price varies depending on the size, quality, thickness of the mattress, and brand. King size mattresses are being preferred due to their extra comfort along with their additional size. King size mattress offers different area as compared to the queen size mattress. King size mattresses are mostly used by the ones who love to keep their pets along with themselves while sleeping. People prefer to have a king size mattress instead of other mattresses due to their accommodation benefits. King size mattresses offer enough space where two adults have the leisure to enjoy a restful sleep.

When guests are around, and room for their hospitality becomes a concern, thanking king-sized mattresses provide the best possible solution and offer enough space where more than two adults can be adjusted. King size mattress price is kept less than $200 so that they provide comfortable features to everyone. A $200 king size mattress is worth your money because of the luxury of restful sleep it gives at night. This price is adjusted, keeping in view that the buyer can easily buy a king-size bed along with the king size mattress.

King Size Mattress Price

King size mattress prices range between $200 to $5000. These prices depend upon the fabric material, the features, and different sizes that king size mattress offers.

  • Innerspring: These appear to cost $700 to $1,200, with a Queen’s average price of around $950.
  • Latex: On average, latex beds would cost between $1,500 and $2,500, with the most popular price for a Queen being around $2,000.
  • Memory foam: These beds have different price ranges starting from $600 to $1,200, and as an average, it can cost nearly 900$.
  • Hybrid beds: The price of these beds also vary between $1,200 and $2,000.
  • Airbed: For a permanent model you can use in your bedroom, air mattresses cost an average of between $1,500 and $2,500.

The kind of foam or latex used in a hybrid mattress will ultimately affect the bed’s cost. It ends up costing more if you choose the mattress having the cooling technology. A hybrid mattress with natural latex may reach the rate more instead of synthetic. Whenever it comes to the number of layers used in the mattress, hybrid beds may differ widely. Although beds that contain extra layers uses more materials and a more complicated production process, they will cost more than thinner beds with fewer layers. The price is attributed to the height of the mattress when it comes to airbeds. It will also cost more if the ground is more prominent, like a bed with more air chambers.

King size mattress manufacturers sometimes offer shipping fee. These are additional charges that are to be paid. Some of the manufacturers ask for these charges while some of them ship the beds for free. They charge $100 for sending the ground. In some cases, king size mattress price is more than queen-size beds, but king size beds offer more features than any other base in the market. King-size mattress prices mainly depend on the quality of the foam being used.